Jan 26

Cherry Blossom

My beautiful tree
So different from the rest on our street
The rest bloom white
So boring
So plain
You are beautiful
Your flowers bloom pink
A cherry blossom
The petals twist out from the bud
Slowly spiraling up
And then unraveling from their shell
The thin branches that hold up the flowers
Shrouded by your delicate blossoms
Your center is a star
Gleaming sunset orange
With fairy dust kept inside
Your petals are paper
Painted with blushes
And smiles from passersbys
Your trunk
It is my favorite part about you
So strong and yet
So thin
It wraps and twists itself
So it can hang over the street
Its clusters falling
Into the wind
And being carried up
To the heavens
To be made again
Into a magnificent bloom next year
You stare down the street
At your neighbors
And you think
They are charming to
In their own ways
With their thick trunks 
And twisted branches
And white simple flowers
You twist your petals out to them
And share your flowers
Your branches crisp
The streets full
With the petals
From all the other trees
You sit
You wait
It snows
And you are the same as the rest
But so different as well
In the spring
We can see the twisted buds
At the tips of the leaves again
And a bird
Nesting against the thickest branches
We can't wait
Until you bloom