Jan 26
nonfiction challenge: Guardian
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An utter mess, so undeniably hectic that if it was my room I have no doubt I would be kicked straight out of my house. As I left school that afternoon that's how I would have described my life. there was so much going on that I felt totally smothered by this and that, you have to get this, do that, prepare for this test, practice for that game. Which as you can imagine is completely overwhelming, but without choice, I had to endure it, trek through the never-ending storm of life. Although that day I caught a break, it may have only lasted an hour and a half but I took everything I could.
All the crazy, unpredictable-ness totally evaporated when I stepped on the baseball diamond that night, facing off against Haverhill. It was this amazing feeling, everything just washing away as I got into the flow of the game. And nearing the end of the game I cherished the feeling of living in a bubble when all you know and have to prepare for is the next pitch, the next swing of the bat. So I guess you could say that for that night, the game that I love with all my heart was my guardian angel, protecting me from all the outside world of stress, school, family, and commitments.  
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