Ode To The Trees

Trees. They give us oxygen, food, and just make Earth more beautiful. But what do we give back to them? That is what Arbor day is about. It is about how much trees mean to us! Arbor day is also about planting trees to replace the ones that may have rotted away or got chopped down. Maybe in the future we will find more ways to help. It's the least we could do for them, considering all they did for humanity throughout time.

Lumberjacks sometimes cut down a lot of trees. This can make an entire forest go extinct. Although wood is a very important resource that humans use for many different things,  there are some exceptions for doing harmful things to trees, for example burning them. It may sound bad at first but humanity would not have evolved without it and fire may not have even been discovered! This is a deeper understanding of why we celebrate Arbor day, and we celebrate it to show our appreciation of trees.

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