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The luck of the pirate

Renchy is a pirate. No not the type of pirate that we see in today's world, no Renchy is a pirate that sailed the seven seas looking for treasure. Renchy lived on the planet of coral. The planet is covered by water, only 5 percent of the planet was dry land. He was a young teen that swabbed the deck for 3 hours of the day. His captain was the wanted pirate captain Jake the jealous. 

“Are the decks cleaned yet Renchy?” Bob asked, “You don't want the captain to slip and get angry with us again, do you?”

“I’m almost done, I just need to finish the main deck and I’ll be done,”

“Good because we need to get din-”. Boom, A cannon fired off in the distance. 

“Enemy fire it's the navy,” Boom a second shot fired and hit the side of the ship causing it to wobble. 

“What is happening,” Captain Jake asked in a very exaggerated pirate voice. As soon as he saw it he yelled “Man the cannons. Let down the sails. Tie secure lines so things don’t get thrown away.” Then another cannonball hit the mast and the thing came down on top of renchy. 

“AAGH,” He said as he struggled to get out from underneath the mast. And then gigantic slimy tentacles shot out of the water. They grabbed the mast and threw it at the enemy war ship. The ship capsizes in the water and sinks to the bottom of the ocean. 

“Well then, … I guess that works out in our favor,” Captain Jake says. Everyone was speechless for the next  ten minutes and then life went on the way it had been. Renchy had his wounds healed and he was back to normal.
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