Jan 28
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The Cycle of the Day


We waste time instead of sending time, wake up go to school here or there

Keys on laptops clicking instead of pencils scratching on paper

You have more time, you are at home they say

Every single one of them giving us more work, thinking other teachers don't do the same 

Your only escape is the practice after school, even that is a box to check off the To-do list  

Doing the same thing every day over and over makes it a task

Why watch TV when it’s the fake version of the moment you are living

Can’t see friends without being judged for going out, not going out makes you paranoid

Not talking to friends unless help is needed with work

The fabric on our faces save people, must wear it at all times 

The news has been the same for the past year, case count is this high, the vaccine is coming

This is the cycle of life they say, more like the cycle of the day

Every day is the same 

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