Jan 28

Birds Don’t Live Very Long

I like hearing the birds
teaching the trees how to perch 
like broken seagulls.

I like the fierce ocean
the fish dancing 
and shoring the breath they fly.

I like waking under bright trees
eyes shuffling the new day like playing cards
the sky is a million leaves away,

The patience of a tiger
counting its stripes 
and becoming an arrow for each one.

Young birds twice their wings
fly higher dive deeper 
because life is short,

Why choke on tiny moments 
when the birth of a new life is subtle 
To walk down the road

and look lovingly at each stone
to buck the smog 
and live among trees.

nothing can give you reality 
like the clovers holding bees
like the foxes carrying mice 

with gentle red teeth.
I live in a world that bites its own tail 
and heals it all on its own.

I like birds 
they don't live very long 
They are precious. 

you can break 
a birds entire little body 
under one foot,

Does that make you feel strong?
Does it make you

to have death lay willingly 
against your cheek?
you can swallow the blood

but you will never wash that foot 
without seeing bright feathers protruding 
from a rough heel.

Is it enough?
Is this the price

the wolf bargained for the sheep?
To fly away with wings that don’t fit 
your goodness?

About the Author: fire girl
" to choose to write is to reject silence" - Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie