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essay challenge: Guardian
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Another detention slip, this was Tony's third one this week. Tony never used to get detention; he was always a good kid. He went to class and did what he was told. Now he would skip class and mouth off to the teachers. Why was Tony behaving this way all of a sudden. Well he had just lost his best friend, the only person who he truly cared about. All he could think about was why him of all people, why not the school bully or his mean math teacher. No, it had to be him. Jenny, his best friend had also been there for him. They had a special bond, well don’t most twins have a special bond. However, there's always felt stronger. Jenny was there for him when he needed advice about girls and he was there when Jenny got her heartbroken. Now would he just graduate and go on to their dream college all by himself without her by his side. It didn’t matter what he was going to do in a couple of months, it mattered if he was going to make it to graduation. 

Tony  never believed in Guardian Angels.  However, that was when Jenny was alive. It was a typical day, Tony was in detention and there was only ten minutes left. Tony asked to go to the bathroom and the teacher said yes. As he walked to the bathroom he decided that he didn't want to  live anymore.  Once into the bathroom he reached into his pocket to grab a knife that he already was carrying. He heard this voice. It was Jenny's voice, he hadn't heard it in what felt like forever. Tony instantly dropped the knife and whipped around where he thought it was coming from. The voice said “cancer took my life and just because it took mine doesn't mean it you have to take yours. I want you to make me a promise. Promise me that you will live life to the fullest and you will do stuff that I can’t do. You have so much ahead of you to look forward to, graduation and college, meeting new people and then finally meeting the one and having beautiful kids with her and having a wonderful home. Just live your life as if I was there next to you. Tony never  never even thought not even the slightest thought about killing himself ever again. Since that day he has lived his life to the fullest not taking life for granted and trying to make his sister proud. 

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