Jan 29

Nightmare in the Woods

Trees were falling, the ground was shaking, and all 10 year old Cindy Carmen could do was watch. Cindy had gotten separated from her group only fifteen minutes before. She was scared out of her wits. Four more trees fell making a barrier around her. At first Cindy thought the trees were trying to protect her. After a few more trees fell, she realized it was quite the opposite. The trees were making a cage around her! Slowly but surely, the cage was complete. "You have walked right into my trap, haven't you." A deep, dark, voice rumbled, making Cindy tremble in fear. Then, out of the dark, she saw a silhouette of a figure. But then Cindy realized that the voice was coming from that man. Cindy woke with a start. She sat bolt upright in bed. "It was all a dream."She quietly whispered to herself. Then, she went back to sleep. Without any nightmares this time!