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One United Nation

Amanda Gorman has been the light throughout this dark time. And so has everybody else. You can be a light for someone else. You can inspire someone to keep on going and trying. All you have to do is try. You may not know it but, she has. Listening to her words not only brings us realization of what this country is and what it stands for, but how we need to fix all of the hate that comes upon us. In these times of fear, dought, hate, anger, and loss, we need to come together and stand as one united nation. All of us, no matter who we are, what we believe in, what we identify as, the color of our skin, or what we were. This hatred between all of us, is just dragging the proud name of our country down. Our country is in the trash because of what we have done, and the decisions we have made. But together we can become stronger, we can let go of all of the negativity that has haunted our past, and if we keep them in our heads and in our hearts, it will soon haunt our future. We need to become what we once were. No more of this hate. 

The word together. What does that mean to you? To me, it means standing together. As a family and a nation. Being strong together. Being together makes us stronger than being divided. When we are divided, we don’t get anything good done. We keep digging the hole and as we stand divided, that hole gets deeper. But together, we can get out of this hole we are in. We can make our country's name proud to be said once again. Please the founding fathers. Please the people who fought so hard for our freedom. Honour the lives we have lost. Honour the people who fought for all of us to be able to stand together and stand tall, for us once again to be united. 
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