Jan 29
essay challenge: Guardian
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(This is a story about a girl who got saved by this mystical thing.) It is another day of just sitting in front of a computer all day, just to listen to my teachers talk about useless stuff and then have them assign so much hard work to do. If you couldn’t tell, I really love school. Just kidding. I hate it. I find school so useless and so hard. It’s like they expect us to be awake that early just to sit in front of a screen and then have a massive headache afterwards. It is honestly so tiring. Like my teachers are in a happy awake mood, especially Ms. Crocodile. She is always so happy and energetic. It is like she had 20 cups of coffee already, meanwhile the class is just sitting there looking like they are about to fall asleep. 

    I am currently waiting for my first period teacher to start the meeting. He is never on time but then yells at us when we join the meeting one minute late. He also spends half the class talking about his personal life but then when we don’t get any work done, he yells at us even more since he starts his lessons after his whole out of subject talk. I just couldn’t wait until the end of the day to be honest. 

It is currently the end of the school day and I am so drained. I don’t think I can do this anymore. School, my parents fighting, my little brother crying, my best friend moving in a month, and just everything. Like I have so many assignments that need to be finished by midnight and I have this huge project to do about human bodies and on top of that, I got to listen to my parents scream while watching my brother. I am just so exhausted. How am I supposed to finish 21 assignments and do a whole project. This is going to be a long night. 

I have finished at least twelve assignments right now, plus with crying too. I mentally and physically can’t do it anymore. I don’t get anything about what we are learning or what we are supposed to do. I can’t ask for help from anyone or else they’ll judge me for it but everyone else in my class seems to get what is going on besides me. I feel so stupid. Just at this moment, I can feel my heart aching and racing fast and I am also shaking so bad and having trouble breathing. Omg! I am having a panic attack. Omg no. I just started to break down crying with so many thoughts rushing to my head and at this point I just wanted to disappear. I can’t do this anymore. It is just so overwhelming for me and no one understands me. I sat down on the floor, hugging my knees tight to my chest, shaking back and forth with tears rushing down my face. My mind just kept telling me, “Go. Go disappear. You can’t do this. You never could have. Just pass away. Go!” At this point, I was really thinking about it. 

Until I heard this voice. The voice was so faint that I could barely hear it. I had to quiet down my crying and everything just to hear it. Once I had quieted down, the voice sounded like a female voice. It was calm and soothing, like those kindergarten teacher’s voices. The voice went away. I tried to listen closely again to see if I could hear it but nothing. 

Couple minutes later, I was back to crying and thinking about negative thoughts. Until I heard that voice again. This time it was a bit louder. I believe I heard what it was saying. It sounded like this, “Girl don't do it. There are so many things to live for. Don’t let school bring you down. You got this! One assignment at a time. Breathe! Don’t leave this world yet, please. So many people love you and care for you.” I was a little confused at first mixed with a little happiness maybe, I don’t know. But, I was surely confused. Who is talking to me? Am I going delusional? Am I gone that quick? But, no I was not gone that quick because I can still hear the cars drive by and the YouTube video going from my brother in the living room. So, what was that voice? I gave some thought to it until I finally realized something… Is my guardian angel right here, right next to me telling me not to give up on life? If so, omg. This is shocking. All of a sudden my crying has stopped, my heart rate was back to normal, I stopped shaking, and my breathing was back to normal too. I got up and went back to my desk and sat down and looked at my assignments. 

I finished one assignment in under ten minutes. Omg wait! Was that actually my guardian angel? Did they really just give me faith in living and confidence to finish all of my school work? OMG! And just as I knew it, I had finished three more assignments. At this point, I was racing through all of my work. But then I suddenly felt this pressure on my shoulder. It is like I felt pressure on my shoulder as if someone was squeezing my shoulder. Could it be my guardian angel? Are they patting me because they are proud of me? I don't know! But then I felt like someone was looking down at me smiling and then all of a sudden all of the pressure fades and the room feels empty again. Had I just met my guardian angel? Had they just saved me? I think so, I would like to believe so. All I could think of now right at this moment was, wow. Just wow. This is so crazy!
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