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fiction challenge: Secret


Luz stares at the cherry blossom tree, “Beautiful,” Luz thought. She heard Edalen call out her name. Edalen had whitish grey black hair and she wore a dark red dress with a golden gem in the middle.

“Luz!” Edalen called out revealing her golden tooth. Luz turns her head and walks toward Eda.

“There you are, Luz!” Eda says with her hands on her hips.

“Sorry Eda, I was distracted.” Luz says poorly.

“It’s alright kiddo, we all get distracted.” Eda says patting Luz’s back. Edalen taps her staff on the grass.

“Albert, come to me!” Eda says holding her staff in one hand. An owl flies over and lands on the staff. They go to the owl house. Luz walks to the guest room and flops on her pull out bed. She pulls out her phone and stares at the messages. She turns off her phone and places it into her backpack. Luz stares out of the window. She grabs a small piece of paper and draws a symbol. She taps the symbol and a glowing orb of light floats out the window. The next morning she is awakened by King, the small titan demon who lives amongst Eda and Luz. King is sitting by Luz’s feet, he bops her nose.

“Wake up.” King says staring at her.

“King, I need sleep…” Luz says covering her eyes to block out the sun. King gets up and turns to the door, he turns his head to Luz.

“Well you wouldn’t want witch training now, right?” King teased. Luz raises her head up, her pixie cut goes up when she stands up. She walks to Edalen who was talking to King. 

“I’m ready for training!” Luz says cheerfully! King’s bushy black tail flutters from side to side.

“Luz , I can’t train you right now.” Eda yawned. Luz frowns.

“C’mon Eda! I need training so I know how to defend myself… In a witch, type of way.” Luz says awkwardly.

“Mhm, maybe Luz. Just maybe.” Eda says with a yawn. Luz nods in agreement.

“Okay, let’s get to training!” Luz says grabbing a notepad and a pencil.

     “My dear child, you won’t need that.” Eda says taking the pencil and notepad out of her hands softly. Luz nods and King lays on the couch with his amberish yellow eyes shutting. A snoring sound came from King. Luz goes outside and practices magic. Her white and blue cat hoodie spins when she makes a teleportation symbol. Luz gasps in delight. She looks around and jumps into the portal…  

...She’s back home...
The End

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