The Last Day on Earth

If you could choose one day of your life to relive, what would you do? I would choose the last day of my life and that is because I could do all the things that I usually never had a chance to do. I would go skydiving, paragliding and maybe even hike up Mount Everest. These are some of the most extreme things you can do in life. I would never think of doing them except if it was my last day on Earth. You can die doing these but it would be my last day, so it wouldn't matter if I died. The reason I want to do it in this world is because I don't know if they have that many extreme things in the afterlife. 

    Skydiving, as you may or may not know, is when you jump out of a plane with a parachute. When you jump out of  it, you start to glide down with your arms to the side of you. There is a string with a small ring attached to the backpack, which holds the parachute when you pull the string. It will release the parachute and you will slowly float down to the ground. If you don't pull it soon enough you could break your bones and even kill yourself.

Paragliding is a sport that takes extreme agility and speed .It is also very dangerous. believe that is even possible to reach fiver miles per hour! You can do this with a paraglider, which is a rectangle with two triangles cut out of the sides with metal bars surrounding it. Also, a metal bar comes down which is meant for you to hold onto it. One or two people can ride on one.

Mount Everest is one of the biggest mountains in the world. At first you might think, “Well, how big is this mountain?” It's tall enough that it can partly break through the atmosphere, so you have to bring oxygen tanks if you want to get to the very top.  extremely creepy because there are dead bodies all over the place closer to the very top from when others tried to climb it. They  either ran out of oxygen, forgot to bring oxygen or fell from a high spot and died. It is a mountain to be feared.This is why I would never think of doing that during mylifetime. These are all the activities I would do if it was my last day on Earth.'s picture
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