Feb 04
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Why does it feel
like I'm being pushed back to the
days of 2020

The Spring was a beginning of
something no one knew about
it was strange and confusing
and made me hurt with longing 
to see the ones that
I missed most

The Summer, however, felt better than ever
finally feeling free 

The Fall....
it was up and down
greatful to be back in person
it didn't feel the same

This current Winter
has been okay
but not ideal
teachers having to police everyone to social distance
not being with family for the holidays
it's been hard, that's for sure

And now, Febuary 2021
my birthday just passed
it was a snow day and I didn't get to see my best friends
my school has just gone remote
they say it's only for a few weeks,
but they said that last year, too
didn't they?

It feels like a flashback.....
Will everything we've been through just repeat its self?

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