The Pine Tree

This pine tree has seen many sights from her view on top of the slope. She has had  many people sit in the shade of her branches, big and small. She has happily welcomed birds and squirrels to spend the cold winters in her branches. She doesn't mind them scurrying around at night in her deep green needles.

All of the moments of her lifetime are ones to remember. This is a sight that she will treasure especially close to her heart. The ways that the world does these things is unknown to this little pine. What I do know is that she would love to understand more, explore the world and see all the things her bird visitors tell her of. 

The wonders of the world that she gets to see are all around us. She may not be able to get in a car and drive to the ocean or zoo, but she still is grateful for the world around her that she does get to see. If we look, we might be able to see just how beautiful our world really is.'s picture
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Chelsey Hook
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