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essay challenge: Groundhog
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Groundhog Day

With the possibility to relive any day of my life, how could I choose one? From experiencing the great views of Colorado to just simply enjoying life with my friends and family, I would choose a day with a mixture of excitement, family time, and doing my favorite thing. Sometimes I feel like I bring up this time too often, but it was truly one of my favorite things I've experienced. My dad has always dreamed of being able to do the things he did in his 20s with me, like backpacking. In the late summer of 2020 when we left to spend a few days in the white mountains with his outdated gear from the 90s. 

As much as I remember the flattering  peaks of Jefferson, Monroe, Eisenhower, and more, the best part was walking along the ridgeline. We spent three or four hours just traversing along it and even ended up spotting the Mount Washington train chugging up the massive mountain. It was as if we were recreating a scene you would see in the National Geographic magazine. When our time was running short we headed back for camp and devoured our meals made on the tiny portable stove. Being able to see the beauties of nature is something that is always memorable, even if I had to relive it everyday. 

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