Turn Back

“Would you like to turn back and change some things? Well if you do, let’s go or we are going to miss the chance to!” Iley said. Iley pulled her younger sister, Emmy, who has brown hair and a bright smile that shows her happiness, into a portal she had heard about from a book that it went into the past. The portal is purple and black with whirling streaks that popped up in their room next to her window a few minutes ago. Their room is a light blue color and has one window, two beds  and a secret room that leads to an even bigger room that is their hideout. The hideout is  light pink and has no windows. It has two closets, three beds, one TV and a mini kitchen. No one else knows about their hideout, not even their mom. 

“You have to say what day you want to change in your past, Emmy,” said Iley, the daredevil kid, who has dirty blonde hair with a striking smile. 

“I don’t want to change a day in my past. I like my past just the way it is,” said Emmy.

“Girls, come down for lunch,” called their mom who has red curly hair, a brave smile, gleaming teeth and great happiness. There was no answer from the two girls. Their  mom called up Ivy, the shy kid who has brunet striate hair and a small smile, Iley’s and Emmy’s big sister, to get  them and bring them down. Ivy listened to her mom and went into her sister’s room to find that they were not there. 

   “Say what day.” Now Emmy!” Iley shouted. Then she looked over at Emmy and saw that Emmy was knocked out. “Back, back, back we go, it is time to go home,” Iley called out. It was like they were getting swirled backwards. When they got home they landed in their bed room, Iley got Emmy to wake up. They then heard their mom shouting from down stairs for them to come out. They ran down the stairs. They saw the shocked look on their mom’s face and started laughing at her. Then their mom started laughing as well. They all sat down for lunch in the dining room that is a sunroom. It is all windows.
(Two hours later)

    They went back into the portal that had stayed in their room the whole time they were eating lunch. They both said they wanted to go back to the first day of first grade. They wanted to change how they felt in the morning. They had felt mad because they did not like school. They wanted to change the feeling of anger to happiness because they had learned that there was nothing to be upset about. They changed how happy they were and had a great rest of the school day. The last part of the day, they kept the same, but the first part, they changed. When they were done with the school day they called out “Back, back, back we go, it is time to go home.” They started swirling around backwards, or as they thought it felt like. They enjoyed the rest of their day at home.

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