Feb 10
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New Puppy

I will get a puppy. Lilly thought for what seemed like the 1000th time. All her life she wanted a puppy, its all she ever wanted. Her parents thought she was not responsible enough for one though. At least they let me work at the local animal shelter though. Lilly thought ruefully. She spent everyday cleaning up after dog and puppies, feeding them, washing them, playing with them and taking them on walks. She wanted a puppy ever since she was three years old. Ive been working in an animal shelter for five years. Lilly thought as a wave of anger washed through her. FIVE YEARS. How was she not responsible enough? Lilly walked home trying to think of a way to sneak a dog into her room and hide it from her parents.
Lilly walked into her house suprised to see a big box on the floor and her parents smiling at her. "whats going on?" She asked. "Look in the box" Her mom smiled. Lilly walked over and knelt down to open the box just as a giant ball of fur came through the box and landed on her lap. "A Puppy!" Lilly squealed. 
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