Feb 10
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Masks On

Mya curled in a ball stared at the ceiling thinking. Someone from her school died from corona virus because he did not like wearing masks and social distancing. She thought sadly of all the people she knew who were dieing from the virus. Some of her cousins. Her classmates. One of her teachers. She missed her friends and her family. The virus was spreading fast and getting more deadly. Most people thought it was like the flu and dont wear masks. She looked out her window. The only good thing about this virus is that nature is clearing up, she thought. An idea struck her, I dont want anyone else I love to die. I have to do something even if its small. She hopped off her bed and grabbed paper and markers. She was gonna do something to help. She started writing on the signs and put on her mask. Mya raced downstairs and went to the local park. She held up her signs and started shouting. "Wear masks. Social distance. Be safe. Help stop the virsus from spreading." She contined shouting and holding up her signs as people put on masks around her and joined her shouting. Even the little things count, She thought. Everyone can make a difference and help the world.
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