I am a very friendly feathered bird named Margaret. I used to be very active and fun but now my owner and I are both getting older together. Her name is Mrs. Kendres. She had three children, two boys and one girl but that was when we were both in our younger days. They tired her out, unlike me. 

The oldest was a boy named Mathew. He was calm and not interested in what was on the play box. Whether it was weather, toy commercials, shows or video games, he never joined in. There was one thing he would do with that box other than ignore it, he would watch football with his father. Mathew had black hair and blue eyes. Everyone in the family had blue eyes. But this story is not about Mathew 

Kile was the middle kid and loved the play box! He had blond hair and blue eyes just like his brother’s. He always had on a red sweat-shirt and blue hat that he would wear backwards. Believe it or not, this story is not about him either. However, this story is their little sister, Suzy. 

Suzy was quite the girl with her collection of frizzy dresses beneath her curly, blonde shoulder length hair.

They all lived in their own houses and now are no longer fledglings (people that needed looking after.) It was the best relief when Suzy left. Now don’t get me wrong, we do love her a lot, but to this day, she is a whole lot of trouble. Now I will tell you one story of many, where we finally found a way to rather  calm her down. 

Mrs.Kendres had to leave for a family emergency. Her two oldest boys were in their rooms either playing or doing their homework. Oh what good fledglings they were learning things even while at home!  Mrs. Kendres kissed Suzy and told to be good as all fledglings should before the door shut and Mrs.Kendres was gone. 

Jane, the babysitter was a kind, young, and pretty girl. Mrs. Kendres decided to hire her to babysit.This was Jane’s first time babysitting too. 

Jane fed me and gave me nice, fresh water just the way I like it. Suzy was watching her mom's car pull away down the street and she had a nervous look as the dark blue car pulled out of sight. 

“Is there a show you enjoy watching or a board game you want to play?” asked Jane kindly in a soft voice. Now if I had been asked this question, I would definitely have wanted to do something, but when Sussy didn’t respond, Jane asked a new question. 

“What is the name of your pretty little bird there? I really like her bright, blue feathers.” Jane remarked. At this, Suzy whipped around and said, 

“Her name is Margaret. Where is my mommy?” 

“She had to go somewhere. She will be back before bed.” Jane told her. Jane’s kind green eyes rested on small Suzy. This was the first time Suzy had been left in the house without an adult family member. The babysitter was normally Grandma and Grandpa. 

Without any warning, Suzy ran off and grabbed all the phones in the house. She dialed her mother’s well known phone number. The moment the ringing stopped, she yelled into the phone. 

“I want my mommy!” she went around yelling and poor Jane had no clue what to do. 

Kile placed only his  foot out of his room before going back in and closing the door. Mathew finally came out to see what was going on. 

“Suzy, calm down!” he insisted.

“I won’t! I just won’t.” Suzy took the time to yell. 

“She’ll get tired soon, right?” asked Jane nervously. 

“Well I don’t think so.” said Mathew plainly

“Oh, what will I tell your mother!” she asked while looking around the room to find something to stop the screeching Suzy. Finally her eyes rested on me. She walked over and opened my cage. She left the door wide open.. 

 Back then I was up for adventures, so I went and rested on Suzy’s shoulder, which I had never done before. Suddenly, she was quiet and she carefully sat down. From then on when Suzy got upset, I went and sat on her shoulder to calm her down.'s picture
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Chelsey Hook
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