Feb 11
fiction, opinion challenge: Groundhog
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If you know what you miss

If I were to relive one day over and over again, my day would be simple. It wouldn’t be a holiday or any special day in particular. Not one that is even that much different from every other day. It would be a day that when you look back into your memories, it simply blends into the rest. It wouldn’t be fancy or new or even something different. It would be a simple day full of possibilities. The chance to see my friends, hang with my sister, and spend time with my family. My day would be full of laughs and bursting with love. The allure of opportunities and the feeling of contentment would be enough to last forever. It would be a day full of unknown choices and endless tries. A day like this is for the simple things, the feeling of the sun shining on your face in the morning, the sounds of your family cooking dinner together; it would be a chance to relax. The day would be about using the moment to take it all in; every last smell, taste, touch, and sound. I think replaying a seemingly insignificant day in your life would put everything in perspective. It would give the time to yearn for the past and hope for the future, but most importantly, it would give the chance to live in the present. It would give us all a chance to treat the present like the present it truly is. So no, I don’t think reliving the same day would be that bad. I may get bored seeing the same thing day after day, but without knowing what you’re missing, how can you ever be grateful?