I Want To Relive

If I were to relive one Groundhog Day, it would be the one when I was in first grade. I didn’t enjoy it that much. We did all kinds of things like crafts, activities, videos, and my least favorite, which was  a report on the different groundhogs that had been shown throughout the years. I just thought that the crafts were boring. One craft we did was to dress up your groundhog. It wasn’t very fun. Kids kept fighting over glue sticks and markers. Whenever I needed a marker of the color I needed, it would be gone. Some of the kids would copy my ideas, too! I guess you could say that was my unlucky day. 

I liked some of the activities. Though, I thought they were more of Pre-K games. It seemed like everyone else liked the games, so went along with it. Some of the games went on forever because when some kids got out they weren’t truthful and stayed in. 

Next were the videos. LONG videos! Some were funny, and some were boring. When we watched the live feed, I felt bad for the poor groundhog. They woke him up for a silly tradition. I didn’t really know how much other people cared about Groundhog Day!

The report we had to do had to be four paragraphs long! I loved writing, but not when I’m told what I have to write about.  Mine turned out pretty good. I wrote about a lot of the different groundhogs. There were a lot but I only wrote about four.

It wasn’t the worst day ever, but the reason I would like to go back is because I would like to try to give my new teacher some different ideas for activities. I wish I had enjoyed it more. This is the Groundhog Day I would want to relive.

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