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February vacation was next week and everyone was excited. During the morning meeting, everyone took turns saying what they were doing. Rebecca was going to visit her cousin in New Mexico. Bobby was going to Paris. Betty was going to Louisiana. John, Sally, and the teacher were going to Iowa. Sam was headed north to Canada. Ana, Tammy, Tessa, and Matthew were going to Florida.

When it was Amy’s turn, she told everyone that she was staying in Vermont. Amy then explained that her February vacation consisted of helping around the farm like she always did and helping to get ready for the sugaring season. Her family had a sugar house in the woods surrounded by maple trees, perfect for making syrup. Every February vacation they would prepare for the upcoming season by making sure everything was hooked up, ready for the sap. Once they got that ready, it was time to start drilling holes into the trees. After explaining all of this, their morning meeting continued as planned. 

Two weeks later, after vacation was over and everyone was back at school, the teacher asked everyone to take turns and tell how their vacation was. Rebecca and her cousins went swimming. Bobby ate lots of baguettes. Betty made a new friend in Louisiana. John and Sally got to see lots of cows and horses. Sam didn’t end up going to Canada because his sister's passport expired. Ana, Tammy, Tessa, and Matthew all spent most of their time on the beach.

Amy’s vacation had been better then she imagined. She did help with sugaring. She even got to drill the hole into the tree with some help from her dad, of course. However, the most exciting part of the vacation was the birth of a new baby cow. The baby had been born in the morning on the 28th of February. She was a red and white Ayrshire. Her mother’s name was Sparkle. Since it was sugaring season, Amy’s sister decided to name the baby Sugar. This year was definitely much better than last year's vacation. She couldn’t wait to see what happened next year.
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