Feb 14
fiction challenge: Portal
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The Door in the Road

    This happened about a year ago. I was walking home from school one day on the street 45 Appleblossom Lane, when I saw a door on the ground. I thought maybe someone was building a shed or garage and they dropped the door for it. I decided to lift it up but to my surprise it didn’t budge. I pulled harder and harder and was about to give up and just leave when suddenly it came flying open, making me fall backwards. Perplexed, I got up and saw a weirdly shaped hole that looked like a portal in the ground. It was the same size as the door and the colors of it kept fading into each other from purple to grey to pink to blue. I put my hand in and the other side of the portal was cold and humid. I wanted to jump in to see what it was but instead I put the door back on top of it and ran the other direction. The next day I came back, and to my surprise, the door had disappeared and the hole was just out in the open! Is nobody noticing this? I thought to myself as I walked around it. My mind kept telling me to just go home, but there was something strange about the portal. It was like it was just begging to see what was on the other side. So without thinking, I jumped in and I landed into freezing and salty water. I swam up to the surface tried to look for land, and luckily, there was a big stone right near me. I climbed onto it and trying to keep my teeth from chattering so much, I saw a little sailboat about 100 meters away with a few men on it. I stood up and shouted and yelled for help, but all the men did was stare and then one of them started laughing and turned the boat away. I was angry but mostly confused by how they acted. I anxiously turned my head and saw that I was in the middle of a lake. Luckily, there was a piece of driftwood floating near me and I grabbed hold of it, and kicked and splashed my way to shore. I finally got to dry land after about half an hour and people were all around me and stared like the men on the boat did. I wanted to ask them where I was, but for some reason these people gave me a weird feeling and something told me to not speak or look at them so I slowly walked away. I was walking for some time now, when suddenly a deluge of water came pouring down on me. At first I thought it was raining but when I came to my senses, I realized that a bunch of men and women were throwing buckets of water at me and shouting in a language that I couldn’t understand. What on earth is going on? I wondered as I was trying to get away from the angry people. I ran and ran until I came across a cave and quickly ran into it. I was scared and shivering and I sat down on the stone floor of the cave when I noticed something glistening in the corner. I got up to see what it was and it was a broken mirror. I picked it up, caught a glimpse of myself and fell backwards, terrified at what I saw. My head was swimming and my heart was pounding in my chest, but I got the courage to look into it again. There I was. An ugly, scary looking creature. I looked like someone who was part bear, part wolf, part man. I backed further into the cave, deeply horrified at my hideous reflection. Right now, I am still living in this place. At night when no one is awake, I go into the lake to try and catch fish to eat. A few times I’ve seen men running all over the place and past the cave where I’m staying in with torches and pitchforks, looking for me. I am writing this all on the cave wall with a piece of charcoal for someone to one day find. I miss my family more than anything, and I would give anything to go back in time and to beg myself, and anyone else to never go into the portal on 45 Appleblossom Lane.