Feb 15
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I was walking through the woods and everything suddenly disappeared, I didn’t feel scared at all. It just happened. Then I realized there was this presence that was watching me. I could feel it watching me, yet I saw this object. I was very intrigued so I walked closer to it and I started to see what it was. It was a door, I wanted to see it so badly but I knew there was somebody watching me. I could see a little bit of the door, just a little bit and inside was a whole different world. It was beautiful, but then I realized that there was somebody right behind me. It was the person that was watching me the whole time. I felt scared all of a sudden, before when everything disappeared I had no emotions. Now, now I could feel the emotions, as I got closer to the door I could begin to feel again. I realized that through this door it was my emotions. In order to get them I had to go inside, I walked through and then realized I had been tricked. There were no emotions Inside this door it was just empty. As I was stuck in here I was just running around trying to find anything even light but wasn’t able to. I just sat down and hoped that somebody came but nobody did.

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