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Family Fame

Myla hid behind her hair as a giant crowd of people pushed each other to see her.
She hated this. She had to be fancy and she could never have fun. She could never be her real self.
She gave the watching crowd her the coldest glare she could muster as she stomped away.
Her parents expected her to look, act and be perfect all the time.
No one knows how lucky it is to have fun with friends. She had never even had fun in her.
She was going to put an end to this.
She ran upstairs to her room and grabbed a sweater and some jeans. She put her hair in a messy ponytail.
She was done with this life. She grabbed all her fancy clothes and items and through them in the trash. She then packed fast and ran out the door. She was free! She had been waiting for the moment in her life when she was finally brave enough to leave. 
Some people dream of being famous...they need to reamember the disadvantages first.
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