Feb 15
poetry challenge: Immigrants
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It's We Who Have Done This

Traveling here for a different life, 
what greets them brings much fear and strife.
Finally a glance of Freedom and Hope
on the other side of a precarious tightrope.
Across the sand, over a wall,
what for them awaits, is too early to call.
Took many risks; left behind their conflicts,
it all was for this, the only way to exist.
They have nothing left, but their own very soul,
when around them congregates Border Control,
pulling children away from their parents
into a facility full of adherents. 
Trapped they are there, with no one who cares;
detained for illegal, foreign affairs.
People of power don't try to fix this;
very young children alone reminisce.
They didn't say goodbye to their family,
cornered in a cage that is very chilly.
Confused and scared,
needing mental repair;
unsure of the future,
no Mom or Dad there.
If this sounds pretty bad, remember this:
It's our own country's fault; it's we who have done this.