Feb 15
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The Last One Left

I  walked down from the science lab to go to my lunch break when I saw what looked like a blue flashing light on the other side of a door. At first, I just thought it was a science experiment or someone flashing blue light on the other side. I went to open the door to see what it was. I opened it and it looked like a giant portal to a different galaxy, a different universe, a different Multiverse, or anywhere I had no idea what it was. I was a little startled. Then I got quite curious about it. I checked every office in the building trying to find somebody but I could not find anybody. After looking for about 2 hours I decided to test something out. I threw a rock into the portal to see what would happen. It went through it and it disappeared! I thought it would have had a different portal in some on this building. Then I called the police to see if they can do anything. I dialed 911. No one picked up the phone. I sprinted outside. Nobody was there. I was really confused because at this time of day everybody was going home for lunch. I went from building to building checking if anybody was there - nobody. I went searching in a grocery store. I saw the same blue flashing light! I opened the door. It was a portal! I was shocked. I went to a different store and there was a portal. I went to another building - portal! I checked every single building in town. There was a portal in every single one of them.  At this point I was scared.  Could I be the only human on earth? Has something sucked people into the portal? No, that wouldn't make sense because then I would have been sucked into the portal. I went over to the portal. I tied a rope around my waist. I tied it to a doorknob.  Then I jumped into the portal.

To be continued...

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