Feb 16
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a first draft for a first draft

Warning: Contains one usage of a curse word

Today was good

I could be wrong

You hear people say shit

All the time
Like I wouldn’t sit there you’ll get your coat dirty

Or did I ever tell you your hair looks nice today

Or close the  door please
It is almost upon us,

I can hear them

In the moonlight snow

Melting into grass

Greener than last years crop

That never did turn out.
“Why are we here?”

I included in a first draft once,

That got picked out of a sea of pages

By another’s eye, crossed out in red pen


Written in between the lines

Or was it in the margins?

Maybe both, 

Or maybe neither.

            What happened 

Is usually our go-to inquiry

About an event 

That couldn’t have been good


        Just maybe

    We should start asking
Why are we here?

What is the mood called

When you want to bring everyone’s mood down with you

And then discover that

    You already did?