Feb 17

Merry Go Round of Life

 I think trees are the most beautiful things
 In their looks, 
 And even in their life

 The concept of them is so bittersweet
 You just observe
 As small sprouts erupt from the branches, 
 Then flourish into a cluster of leaves 

 Each leaf has its own life, but is supported by the tree
 Then, as the days persist, they gradually die
 One by one
 Not in a painful way, but in an elegant one

 You watch as they gradually turn from a fresh green,
 To a bright yellow,
 To a crimson orange,
 To a fierce red, 
 And eventually, a sad, sweet brown

 Then, the leaves have passed
 But the tree itself hasn’t, 
 It just waits as the frigid months drag on, 
 Awaiting new leaves
 And it repeats the cycle, constantly throughout the years

 It watches all the scenery and leaves change, 
 But it doesn’t feel the time ticking by 
 It just takes in and enjoys every moment, 
 Watching the days drag on, 
 Basking in the sun

 Not anxious or concerned about the day, 
 It too, will have to die
 It feels no remorse, no sorrow, nothing
 It simply enjoys the merry go round of life

(Note: I figured using the term "merry go round of life" was kind of ironic. You can interpret it in two ways: a fun one or a meaningless one. Merry go rounds are indefinite in terms of fun or meaning. They simply go in circles for hours on end. So you can define it by either what your opinion is, or what the trees are, which is that the cycle is whimsy and entertaining.)
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