Feb 18

Anatomy of a Tree

You sit in front of my window
Roots ever searching the earth 
Intertangling with others
Every one spiraling into another
Twisting like locks of uncut hair
Growing for years 
Caked with soil and warmth
You absorb water from the earth
You breathe with me
Your mighty roots blend and swirl
Perfect for a painting
They embrace eachother 
Then strive for the surface
You create a strong trunk
Dried out and greyed
An old trunk
Coated scarcely with browns and greys of bark
And reds 
Knobs jutting out unevenly
Not organized
But they look as if they are part of the trees pattern
Your trunk can't contain itself
The roots are jittery
So they flourish out
Into branches
First thick
They become thinner
And thinner
Until the cut into the air
Ever spiraling 
To the sky
Yet rooted in place