Feb 18
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The Bridge

‘Ughh just another day of school. Why do we have to learn how the pythagorean theorem works anyway, it’s not like our life depends on it.’ Hello reader, this is Jacub. He is an eight grade student at Morevills High School. He has a younger sister named Ginger and an older brother named Luke. Their life is pretty boring, they also have a mother named Jannet and a father named James. 

“Why do we have to walk home again?” Ginger winned 

“Because our parents don’t like to drive us home and they don’t trust the bus.” Luke replied. Ginger Sighs. About half way home they walk on the same bridge that they always walk on when they see a person sized hole in the air on the other side of the bridge.

“Hey luke what is that?” Jacob asked. As Luke looks up he doesn’t know what to say. “Luke?” He asks again.

“I...I don’t know.” as they walked up to it they looked through and saw war. They saw the strange corpses of unidentified creatures, some with seven arms and some with three heads, but no movement.

“L...let’s head home.” Luke studered. When they go inside their house their parents ask them how their day was and they say nothing.
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