Feb 19
poem challenge: Tone
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Alone While With A Hundred People

Shes in a room with a hundred people, yet she feels like shes the only one.
There is jokes, laughs, happiness, and  joy all around her, yet she feels nothing.
She is smiling and saying she is having fun but guess how she feels. 
There are a hundred people around her, but she still feels alone.
All she can do is talk, say shes fine, tell them that shes having a grand time,
but shes not. Instead she feels like there is nothing she can do.
No one she can talk to, and nowhere to go.
Wherever she is and whoever she is with, all she can do is feel alone.
The feeling she has inside is not normal. Its empty.
She just feels alone and like in a room of a hundred people...
Shes the only one. 
Her smile is hard to force and its even harder to laugh.
She tries.
Yet in a room with a hundred people.
She feels nothing but alone.
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