Feb 19
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Just a normal Friday, I’ve spent my entire day here, at my house, because of covid-19, I can only go to school two days a week. I hate it, every part of it, I wish it could just be normal. It's been almost a year now, I think to myself, imagine all the time I could have spent with my friends, playing sports, or even just at school. “Hey, focus,” my brain prompts itself, “ You need to get this Young writers done, keep your grades good.” So I try to do just that, but I continue to stare at my computer attempting to decide which prompt to use. I have read each one over like 3 times, so finally I go with the bottom one for this week, Portal. So then I half-heartedly maneuver my cursor back to the tab of my Google Doc, trying desperately to come up with an idea. To procrastinate my brain tells my body I have to go to the bathroom, so I do. Once I get there I see the shower curtain was left open, for some reason it annoys me excessively, but I think it’s because I know who did it, my brother. He always does, even after my mom lectured him about it like three times. Ethier way I move over to close it but my eyes are drawn unconsciously down to the tub faucet which is dripping at an unreasonable rate, “Oh my god,” I think, “This dude cannot be self-aware at all.”  So while grumbling to myself I reach down to turn the faucet off to find that it already is off, and what I thought was water turns out to be a different fluid entirely, it even has a purple-blue tint to it. When I go to try and turn the handle again it pulls out a little and then turns past off and more of the purple-blue fluid starts to run out. So I stand there utterly astounded as its begins to slowly fill up the tub. I reach in and try to touch the liquid but it seems to move out of the way so to speak, it surrounds my hand but I can’t feel it at all, and it's not wet either. As I’m experimenting with the mystery fluid, I come to notice that the bottom of the tub is no longer there. I can’t feel it, when I reach to where it should be it just feels like air. So naturally, I cautiously step into the tub, well where the bottom of it would be, and my foot goes down into nothingness. I scramble against the tub almost falling in, but managing to bring my leg back out. I sit there for a few seconds until an idea hits me. I sprint out the door and run and grab a broom, the longest thing I could think of, and run right back to the bathroom. Slowly, I stick the broom down through the liquid into nothingness until I feel it hit something and it's not that far down. So with an overwhelming adrenaline and curiosity rush, I jump in.    

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