Feb 19
poetry challenge: Year 2

My midnight rant

I know that I’m lucky,
I know that I’m blessed
For the billions of things that I have, and yet,
I’m going to do it –
I’m sorry I must –
Life is annoying, I’m making a fuss.
In these strange times
There is nowhere to go.
I was completely ecstatic to go food shopping –
At the store there were people
All wearing a mask,
But a bunch only wore it on their lower half.
And their kids? Didn’t wear the damn thing at all.
Safety's important, but youth outrules all.
We got home, it was later
And darker, no doubt,
Which diverts a quick rant on the sun's whereabouts
Because daylight still dwindles
By 5:30 Kay?
And I sleep in so late I see four hours a day.
Yea my fault, I’m aware, but it’s part of this rant
As the fact that right now there’s no ‘cans,’ ample ‘can'ts’
And sure there’s a global pandemic, I know,
And I get it, believe it,
But my life is absurd
Cause the last several days
I’ve watched so much TV
The internet, video watching –
Oh jeez.
Get a life!
I would say to myself, then reply,
This is my life dimwit and end with a sigh
Because my life is suckish, to put it so blunt.
Make the best of it.
Right now my highlight is lunch!
And it’s nobody's fault
And no one's at blame
But dear self be productive at some point, less lame!
Find some joy,
Just a spark,
Find a reason to laugh,
Crack a joke, crack a fart,
Just something to mark
That your time this week
And the luck you’ve received
Is reversible, happy from dawn till the eve.
Also, really quick, then I’m done, I swear,
I want to see friends outside of a Zoom square.
Yes, that'd be great,
But where can we go?
Inside is off limits –
Outside has snow!

About the Author: Treblemaker
"If there's a book that you want to read, but it hasn't been written yet, then you must write it." - Toni Morrison