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Bathtub In the Woods

It was a late summer day when 9 year old Gabe stumbled across the off-putting bathtub. After Gabe “devoured” as his mom would say, half a watermelon, Gabe ran back into the eerie woods on the warm summer afternoon. He had a passion for exploring like no one he had ever met, except maybe some people from his favorite movies, but that didn't count. The ferns swayed away as he sprinted through them wanting to get back to where he last was. Gabe had spotted something in the distance before he turned around when his craving for watermelon occured, and figuring it was just an old tire he went back towards the house.  The mysterious item became visible and Gabe ran towards it. His shins ached when the thorn bushes scraped against them but it wasn't like his shins weren't already covered in scars. The moss covered white porcelain seemed to resemble a bathtub, very aged he thought though. 

    “Why the heck would a bathtub be in the middle of the woods? That's quite strange.”  Gabe thought to himself. He envisioned possibilities of how it got there. Maybe long back ago when princes and princesses danced at balls there were little cottages that are now far gone, but the bathtub had been left. Gabe chuckled as he imagined a moose living in these woods and this was his bathtub, seemed a little small though. “I will clean this bathtub up and claim it as mine” Gabe decided. He swiped the dirt and sticks that had been preventing him from seeing the bottom of the tub when they suddenly fell through. Gabe jumped back, puzzled as how the sticks just dropped, like an elevator had taken them. His heels lifted from the forest floor as he leaned to peak inside the tub. As soon as he saw the porcelain slide, if you will, he knew it was no normal tub. “WOAHHHH” Gabe yelped as he tipped over and tripped into the tub. He slid at what seemed to be 50 mph through the enclosed cylinder, like the slide at the park. Then everything stopped. 

He ended at the same white porcelain encased area but there were stairs near him. He took in his surroundings, but frightened, he went towards the stairs. Gabe walked up only to reveal he had just walked out of the same tub he entered in. When he went to go look back down the stairs it was gone and revealed the same slide he had fell down. “That was the weirdest thing that has ever happened to me in my whole life! Mom will never believe this story!” He thought, and excitedly ran towards home.  Gabe barged in the house, but made sure to close the door behind him, not wanting to deal with his fathers wrath. “Mom!?, Dad?!” He yelled as he ran around searching for them. The house seemed very very clean, mom must've been hard at work. Everything changed when Gabe went towards his room. It wasn't even his room anymore. It was as if he didn't exist. It was filled with baseball cards and other collectables he didn't even know his dad could afford. Yes! He spotted his dad sitting in the corner sorting cards. “Dad! You will never believe what happened! And what the heck happened to my-” He got cut off when his dad stood up, ignoring him, but then walked right through him. No, not just around him, Through him! Like he was a ghost..
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