Feb 21

trees and humanity

after my hockey game
which we lost by 7 goals
i went home,
stared out my window. 
i have a collection of trees
that live outside my front door
and i stared at them, 
silently demanding answers to 
all the questions i've ever had. 
i stare at the birches
that sway in the violent winter wind
but never give in to nature. 
i stare at the willows
that moan when their branches
hold too much ice.
i stare at them all
as the sun goes down, and then 
they aren't different anymore. 
they are a collection of
tree-shaped shadows, and i think
that humanity is like that. 
during the dark, we are all just
during the light, we are our
own individual people. 
humanity and trees.
trees and humanity.

we are alike, yet
no one notices.