Feb 22
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Peacock Tree

Everyday after school

I walked past the park 

It was very busy

I was so overwhelmed 

By all the people

By the shouting and yelling 

The babies crying 

But I saw a tree 

It was very little 

I wondered why it was there

Thinking who would plant this

It had little blue and green petals

Like a flower

But I was still very confused on why it was there

I dug it up from the ground 

And brought it to my house

I planted it in my backyard 

Gave it new soil and watered it everyday

I watched it grow

From my bedroom window

It was becoming older 

With all the blue and green feathered petals

I started to think 

What is this tree

I never learned about it in school 

But I guess I could see

I went down to water it 

I looked at it closely 

It reminded me of an animal 

But I couldn't think of it

I wondered and wondered all day and night

I finally asked my friend at school 

What animal is blue and green 

She said a Peacock 

How did you not know

I rushed home after school to look at it

But something wasn't right 

I never got to say goodbye

My tree was gone

My peacock tree was gone

Who stole my tree

I ran inside and went to my room 

To look where my tree was

And I was sad because it never fully bloomed 

I cried myself to sleep that night

I missed my tree

I hope it safe

I wish I could've said goodbye
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