Feb 22
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Do I Miss You?

You asked me, "Do you miss me enough to swallow back the spice filled, delirium inducing elixir?" And I responded "I loved you enough not to" There isn't a moment in time your memory doesn't flash across my consciousness. A moment your smile doesn't cross my mind, Or your laugh doesn't invade my senses. Nearly a year later my heart still cries out for you in my sleep. I still yearn to hold you again. Not a moment your sarcasm doesn't reach, And I don't feel your judgment of my actions. You remind me not to. Your memory serves as a guide. It hold the place my own judgment used to lie. I no longer am capable of asking you what i should do. I can no longer sit next to you eating ice cream. Or find lost books in the forest. I can no longer see your motorcycle, Nor feel the sun hit my face as we swam at the beach. I will never see your face again. But when it ended. I was not the one seeking guidance. You sought out closure, and understanding. Your fear, your hope, your pain, I held them for you in your last moments. That's when I knew I would be okay. I became the guidance and advisor you had always been. The student became the teacher. And I knew I would never need to drown my sorrows in the emptiness. I would be okay. Though the pain never leaves, I still cry myself to sleep most days. I have you to thank for the inner voice inside. The one that sounds just like you. You will always be with me. And I with you.