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fiction challenge: Fame
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Celebrity Me

My new movie I had starred in, The Wonderful World, had finally entered the theaters. I was relieved when the announcement had been made and we had gotten our pay. The Eastern Acting theater, of which we performed in, smelled like dust and rubber. I always worked better when it smelled of the outdoors, and if not of the outdoors then I preferred the smell of popcorn. 

I opened the door feeling happy to soon be out of the crowd but when I did so, I didn’t feel the autumn wind in my curly black hair. Cameras flashed in my blue eyes and there was a bigger crowd than I expected. 

“So Armana, what did it feel like to star as Milla in, The Wonderful world? Did you feel as adventures as you looked?” asked the news reporter, Debby Watmen. She had on a purple leather jacket and her pink flower hat sat on top of her  curly brown shoulder length hair. I knew her like the back of my hand. 

She had been my first fan ever since I had been in fifth grade and starred in a school play. She had followed me around at recess at the time it had been fun to have a third grader being so fond of me. Now it seemed like I always had somebody following me, but now that was the whole world. 

Abby, another actress I had met from starring in the movie was soon beside me. 

“It’s sad that it’s over, isn't it?” Abby commented as we found our way through the crowd. I had found a fun relationship with Abby. She had been an actress two years previously before me. Her blonde hair was in a neat braid. Her teal dress was flowing through the wind. 

It reminded me of the scene where Violet, played by Abby and  Milla played by myself were standing on a cliff overlooking the town of Nachers Heart before Milla said, 

    “‘Our work is done. Now life shall go back to the way it should be.”’ Milla  stared at Violet. 

    “How will our lives ever be the same?” Violet looked back and asked.

“Life will go on and it will change but our friendship will stand out around it.” Milla replied. 

The scene had felt so real and the turning and walking away, had been just as sad. That's what I loved about acting. ot the crowd but the way you became the people in the story. After they had gotten into a taxi,

 Abby said, “I know I have more experience and all but you did great!” 

“Well thanks. I just wish the crowd would give us some space so we can feel the wind and breathe fresh air without the questions and cameras.” Armana commented.

 Abby nodded. “I understand how you feel. I had the same problem. My grandmother gave me the best advice I could get. She said, ‘Embrace them and accept their presence and they will clear the way.’ It really did seem to help.”

 I put my hand on her shoulder as we drove away. “Thanks I’ll try that.”

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