Feb 25
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You're Job Is A Tree

You glow in the day,
A shadow at night.
As kids climb you they scream with delight.
The sky turns pink, gold, and red.
You sit there watching. With nothing to be said.
You bloom in the spring,
And loom in the winter.
Birds sing their soft song.
Some flap their wings. And fly away.
Only to come back day after day.
You watch as they grow, Old, And then young,
Just one more adventure has surly begun.
You're amazingly smart,
All the way through the bark.
You drift in the wind.
And stand tall in the sun.
Until the day is almost done.
You watch the world go by.
Until all that's left is you.
And the other trees.
Who will celebrate you.
All the way to the moon.
And back to the sun.
You're job is a tree.
And that's what you've done.