Feb 26

Zoom Prez

Can everything just...work out...nicely... for my presentation
For once.
No WiFi issues,
No glitchy screen,
Can I find my power cord before my computer dies,
I don't want to hear 'your muted'
or worse,
Your UNmuted
because heaven knows what I've been saying.
What Disney lyrics come out of my mouth
What Alisha Keys note I fail to hit.
How embarrassing.
No awkward zoom silences
Where your eyes are shifting between boxes
Wondering if now means a glitchy blink
or a hand movement that may or may not have been
from two minuets ago- depending on the WiFi. 
No weird backgrounds, 
funny hats,
eyebrow filters.
High pitched mic sounds from devices.
No embarrassing share screens,
Or long expeditions for the blue hand icon
None of it.
I just need you to work with me ok?
You can do it.
But... when has the universe listened before?

So I'll laugh it off and hope my quick wit skills don't desert me
As messages in the chat says my screen turned black
And I make a dive for my iphone as a backup plan
nocking over a vase with my leg and making the chair wobble
On exactly one appendage as I hope to god
No one would see the Harry Potter pajama pants I was sporting
All during my presentation.
I got this. 
About the Author: Treblemaker
I write because the music of language spoke to me in books and I wanted to make a beautiful noise to answer back ~ Lee Williams.