Feb 27

Classified: Subject Report Recording 227, written tape

"What's your name?"
[buzzing. A scream]
"What's your name?"
"What's your age?"
"Sixteen years old."
"Begin experimentation."
[buzzing sound, screen beeping, ruffling of fabric]
"Your name is now unimportant. Your age is sixteen years old. Your number is 227. You belong to the system."
[zooming sound]
"We will be observing your reaction under extreme stress to see how well you can be oppressed within the system. How long can you survive the Game?"
"I doubt it will be long."
"You are a promising test subject. Don't let us down."
"The virus will take you. Because you didn't tell us, you doomed yourselves."
"No, you're the ones who were too poor to afford food. That's not our fault."
[Buzzing of electricity. A scream. More buzzing.]
"I said that's not our fault, can you repeat that?"
"It's not our fault!"
[more buzzing, louder scream]
[buzzing shuts off]
"Good. Test subject electrocuted into compliance. Begin test."
[door opens. Footsteps. Computer starts up. Ruffling of fabric]
[One last scream. Footsteps]