Mar 02

in my dreams

there is no war,
only a conflict every so often
because wildfires give birth to live
as much as it takes it away.
In my dreams
everyone loves everyone,
and people finally recognize
that love is love
and it can never be broken or destroyed.
In my dreams
the planet isn't dying
and global warming
does not exist.
In my dreams 
the world can see the things
that I can see, read my
mind, understand all the things
I don't know how to say.
In my dreams
no one ever has to go through 
what happened to me, because
I have felt possibly the
worst feeling anyone can feel.
In my dreams
everything is as close to perfection
as it can be, and
the clocks stop and
finally wait for us to catch up.
In my dreams 
(dammit, I'm crying now)
I wouldn't have to work so hard
to be all of my parent's dreams.
In my dreams
nothing that is created is destroyed
because it was all
created for a reason.

I'm a hopeless dreamer,
wandering down empty roads
to see where my feet take me,
my head held high up in clouds
that smell like the ocean
and citrus fruit
and peppermint. The ground beneath me
cracks, and I see the potential of
the world beneath me. I see
everything that I dream of, all
in one place, and I 
understand. We have all 
buried our dreams and
wildest fantasies so we can
walk the better-paying,
more logical path in life. Our
footsteps become dust that
we can only see in direct light;
no one knows nor notices
us. Our dreams are
wasted, and sooner or later,
we wonder what it would have
been like, had we
followed our actual dreams 
instead of the ones
draped over our eyes.
Everyone has done this;
don't waste your breath lying.

In my dreams, 
no one ever has to complain
that life isn't fair. Because it 
isn't. It never was, and I don't think
it ever will be. Prejudice,
sexism...all the thing that
we know are bad still exist, and
I highly doubt that they will ever
go away because lessons have been
passed down. Mother to
daughter. Father to
son. We learn things that
society has showed us; the same
society that was built years and
years ago. We're 
getting somewhere, changing the
system, but we aren't quite
where we need to be.

There is so much that
I want the world to know,
but I know for a fact
that no one will listen. And
sure, give me an opportunity to 
speak and I will gladly;
everyone else will turn on their
noise-cancelling headphones. No one
wants to hear what I
actually want to say,  because
I know too much. And if I 
do speak, everyone will doubt me
because I'm still a kid. But 
all the kids I know
understand the world in a way
that I don't think any other
generation does.

In my dreams,
my friends and 
everyone who sees the world
in the same shades of color-
our shade of color- are speaking
into microphones across the world,
spreading the small yet
powerful knowladge we contain.
No one might listen. They might
not want to know, or not 
even accept the sheer number of
crisises this world is facing.
But all it takes is for
one person to turn
off their headphones.