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The Sugar Maple Bird Home

The Sugar Maple bird home

By Adelynne Cimonetti
    So okay, I’m a new narrator and so I guess you want a story. So I'll give you a story. That's what narrators do, right? Anyways, once a little girl came outside and saw a BIG tree and she was so wowed. When the little girl’s sister (Alaina) came out she saw her sister run toward the tree. She thought it was a race so Alaina used her 3 year older legs then the little girl (Oh! I forgot the little girl’s name is Addie, let’s get back to the story) and ran towards the tree and got to it first and then rubbed in,

    “Haha, I got here first.”

    “Alaina this wasn’t a race, I just wanted to climb the tree.” Addie explained. Alaina looked up into the tree then said,

    “Well I wouldn’t.”

    “Why?” Addie asked.

    “Because there is a baby bird nest in the only place you can reach to step on.” Alaina continued. 

    “Oh! I didn’t see that, but do you want to play freeze tag with dad?” Addie asked.

     “Sure, why not.” Alaina said.

    The years went by (Specifically 3 years) as Alaina, Addie, and their dad played tag, swang, and climbed the tree. Then one day, the birds came back with a lot of their friends and built a lot more nests. After a while (When the birds laid eggs. With some kind visits from the girls), the eggs started to hatch.

“Dad! Dad! Alaina! Alaina! The eggs are hatching!” Addie yield. 

“Lets go!” Alaina said.

The eggs cracked and the baby bird came out and the two girls and their dad (Whose name is Marc) let out a bid, Awe!!! 

“They're soooooo cute!” Addie said.

“They sure are!” Alaina said.

“I know you love them but it’s time for dinner.” Marc said

“Oh, okay.” The girls agreed. 

The birds grew and grew and went off to build more nests. So the girls played and played around the tree and birds and were really happy. 

So you’re probably wondering how is the tree the main character well you’ll see Miss/Mr. Reader it sure is. The tree grew older as time passed but if it had feelings I’m sure it would be happy with all of the playing and happiness around it all the time. The kids loved the sugar maple, especially it’s sweet sweet sap for syrup. When the kids grew they brought their friends over and the cycle continued and the tree loved this and was very happy. Until, something happened that wasn’t that happy…

A huge storm hit all night. The tree’s neighbor, the breach tree, fell down. At first it was sad, but as time went on the kids played on the fallen trunk and loved it, so the tree was happy. The years went by as the birds came and went and the kids played and played. So the tree was happy all the time and the kids were happy and the kids parents were happy to see their children happily playing. So in the end the lesson is that whenever things are feeling bad anything can help.      

The End

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