Mar 03


Budding fairies in the garden
they cry like newborns
wrapped in gauze
Can I join you on the matchstick branches?
they dangle their legs from limegreen skirts
and laugh 
Titter, Titter, Leave us alone!
And I find cute naiveness turns sour
when the budding fairies have all the power
The small ones in their furry coats
blink like yokes swaddled in shell
but they can tell I wont do a thing
I have scissors to cut you free, 
like barnacles yanked from the angry sea!
But they laugh behind folds of bud
safe in cradles of moss and bark
Titter, Titter, You wouldn't dare. 
No human would spare the spring
and snip us blossoms from our perch!
their dresses seems persistant now
and the green sticks to my open eyes
oh darn their right
I wouldn't dare, not that the tree would
even care
Yet sprout new fairies for the ones
I snipped
so no use to try and hold them down
so soon they'll up and change their gowns
blue and pinks and purples sewn 
of petals and leaves and pollen grown
so I pocket the scissors and behold
what will come, 
raging from pastel bassinets
don't threaten the fairies
I should have known
Titter, Titter, Leave us alone!