Mar 03

Unlike Me

A poem by Sienna (my sister!) 

Drawing is not like writing.
It isn't, not a bit.
They say its worth a thousand words,
But you don't write in it.
The shadow that I'm in
Is a writer,
Unlike me.
Its just, oh so hard,
To write A quality poetry.
The shaow has a name,
that everybody knows,
While people just no me as,
"Wait, how does her name go?"
The shadow is always on the news letter
Of course, 
unlike me.
Just 'cause shadow is a writer,
and does poetry.
Shadow is so much better,
its the captain of the team.
Of course,
unlike me.
I just don't write poetry.
Shadow is just older.
Of course,
unlike me.
Shadow's good at writing poetry.
Unlike me.
But I'll rise up above,
So soon,
Oh you'll see.
Because soon shadow will be, 
Oh so,
Unlike me. 
About the Author: Treblemaker
I write because the music of language spoke to me in books and I wanted to make a beautiful noise to answer back ~ Lee Williams.