Mar 04
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This Loved Tree

This Loved Tree

By Adelynne Cimonetti

A tree shifted in the wind like 

A sea turtle swimming in the ocean

The light spring breeze filled the air with the

Sent of flowers

The sun shining on my back and the wind through my 


I see this tree right in front of me like a giant bear

So tall, so long, So big 

I have to bring my Book and draw

This loved Tree
Outside for an hour 

As time flew past the tree was there, 

right there

I drew and drew 

And then 

Two hours later

I was done

With my drawing of 

This Loved tree 
Then I decided

 to add some words madye even a


The girl that was

As little as grass

Came outside to the tree 

As big as a house

Sat down and played


This Loved Tree

Then, out of nowhere

 the sister as sly as a fox came out

She sneaked over and started

Haunting her little sister 

The big sister as mean as a wolf got caught by both girl’s parents and then girls got along


This Loved tree

The End 

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