Mar 04
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The mystery

A couple of people were walking on a trail. They have been walking for about an hour and a half. They come across a path that they know where it goes but then there is another path that they don’t. One of them insists on going on the trail so that they know where it goes. The others are also insisting to go onto the trail that they don’t know where it leads. The people keep changing their minds. They don’t know what they are wanting to do. Finally, one of them just goes down the trail that no one knows where it leads. The others follow and then they come across something that was unusual. They didn’t want to inspect it so they didn’t. They walk farther and see it again. They still ignore it and walk even farther. Once again they see it again. One of them says, “This is the third time we have seen this. Maybe we should inspect it.” The little person on his right shoulder is telling him not to inspect and and go back. The little devil on his left shoulder is telling him to inspect it. The guy doesn’t know what to do. The little devil got to him better and he then inspected it. It was very mysterious. No one knew what it was. So he kept going. Five minutes later they were off the face of the Earth. 

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