Mar 04
fiction challenge: Critter
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The Hero Fox

The Hero animal
 Oh what a beautiful day, I thought to myself as I got out of my bed made by sticks and leaves. Slowly I walked over to my sister, fast asleep. I yelled, “let's go, get up, we have to go look for food.” She slowly got up and trotted to the door opening of our fox den. Once we get out of the den, we begin sniffing around for food. Ava shouts that she smells something so we both started chasing the trail of scent. We walked across a log and went down a little hill and there it was. A little mouse nest! There were three mice in there. Ava reached in and grabbed a mouse with one hand and in one bite swallowed. So I followed along and did the same thing. There was one mouse left in the nest so we started arguing over who gets to eat it. While we were bickering we heard a rustle in the leaves ahead of us. The mouse had escaped! We both bolted at it but missed. The chase went on for about 7 minutes when we heard what sounded like a stomach rumbling. We stopped dead in our tracks and looked to our left when we spotted a big Mountain Lion. We screeched and ran as fast as we possibly could. Ava tripped on a tree root sticking out of the ground and within seconds the mountain lion had her pinned to the ground. I was scared and couldn’t believe it. The mountain lion growled and went in for a huge bite, but just in time I jumped and slid right into the side of Ava, pushing her out from underneath the mountain lion. I was now in trouble. I screeched and screeched as loud as I could as the lion kept on scratching and biting me all over. Ava was nowhere to be seen. I was in so much pain as the lion kept on gnawing away at me. I started hearing the scratching noise but thought I was hearing things. The lion took a break of beating on me until I opened my eyes and saw him staring straight up. All I heard were a few big cracks and then a loud bang! Ava had sawed down a tree with her teeth and landed it perfectly on the lion. The tree hit the lion so hard that it knocked it unconscious, so we had enough time to escape. We made it back to the den and Ava helped my wounds by cleaning them and giving me water and some food we had leftover from last night. Since that day we hunt for food more seriously than before.
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