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Un-Equal Treatment

Just because I am a female does not mean I cant do things the society considers "a mans thing." I have been told by many that because I am a female I should stay home and clean and do school. People have judged me because I hunt and do outdoor things but when it comes to a guy they hype him up. Just because of my gender it shouldn't matter what I do and do not do. From the people that have said things about my life choices I have leaned not to care what they think.
My gender does not define me, yet people have found the need to make it seem that it does. I find it to be an injustice because many women including myself are being treated unfairly because of our gender. I have been told what I should and shouldn't do by people who have no right to do so and that itself is not very fair to anyone. I love doing outdoor things that people may consider mens tasks and because I love them it should pe ok that I do them.If I like hunting and riding in the mud then I'm going to do just that. 
What have I learned from being told I cant do something because I am a girl? Great question, I have learned not to care what others think. It's hard but I believe that is something people should really try to do. Not caring allows me to do the things I love without feeling bad about it. I have also learned that no matter what people say, if you like it and if you want it, then go for it. I believe that this unequal treatment has taught me quite a bit of independency as well. I don't look to people waiting for their permission to do the things that I like to do. The things that I have learned from this help me every time I go to do something. I rememebr its my life and my body and I can do what I want no matter who I am.
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